30th Anniversary Moving Wall at SRJC

November 3, 2016 was the date for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Moving Wall at Santa Rosa Junior College. Fred Ptucha, four tour Vietnam Veteran and Life Member of Chapter 223, acted as our host for program held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation Church. The church is on the site of the old UA Cinema 5 theaters and the program was held in the old theater #1. Speakers included Fred who discussed how the Moving Wall came to SRJC; Rick Call, member of the SRJC Board of Trustees; Craig Rowland, Head of SRJC Veterans Affairs Department, on how SRJC supports generations of veterans from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq; Bob Close, reporter The Press Democrat, reporter who conceived and organized the special 10-page insert dedicated to the Moving Wall visit; Ken Holybee, President VVA Chapter 223, reflections of the last 30 years; Peter Cameron, Executive Director Veterans Resource Center of American; John Sawyer, Mayor of Santa Rosa, how the city respects and supports its veterans. The highlight of the evening was the viewing of the Emmy nominated documentary “Welcome Home” which was produced and directed by Cathy Ortell, a TV 50 reporter who also present. The documentary was about Mark Weston, member of Chapter 223, who was wounded along with 2 other soldiers in Vietnam. All three soldiers thought the other two were killed. After 17 years all three were united in a very moving and uplifting story

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