A Message from the President

At this time, it looks like we are canceling all chapter events until further notice. We will unfortunately be canceling our September dinner dance fundraiser. We are concerned that if we are allowed to gather in small groups by September, we will not be ready as a community to hold the event as it needs to be. Our goal with our events is put on a program that people enjoy attending. We will be looking at events that will be in the future.

We will not be able to hold our chapter elections until we are able to meet and put out a newsletter that would announce the meeting and election. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.

We were not able to give out scholarships this year. We have had changes in the committee and will be looking at a new program. I apologize for not staying on top of this and hopefully next year we will be able to assist students again.

Our plan for the summer was to have resource booths at the Saturday Farmers Market at the Veterans Building. Since it is on county property it is closed until further notice. It seems that we are in a vulnerable age group and many of our members have underlying health issues that make it difficult for us to get out. I do know that most are itching to get back to their volunteer activities. We all miss the coffee cart, the food bank and all the other projects.

Feel free to contact the board members listed on the website if you need assistance. We are all in this together and we will come out on the other end. Sonoma County is doing very well at isolating and keeping our distance when going out.


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