Update from the Country

I actually got into the office and was able to print and send a short newsletter. It has a lot of mistakes inside, but I wanted everyone to know that we are still here and hopefully people will look at our webpage.

We are still not able to hold meetings at the Veterans Building and they have changed the locks to keep everyone out. We are still attempting to do some of the work that we are allowed to do. Joe, Tony, and Bruce have been keeping up with the warehouse that they have worked out of to assist fire victims and others.

Living fifteen miles west of town, I have not been experiencing the unrest in the city. I hope everyone is safe from the virus and the protests. I have heard from some that they are not sleeping well and have been overly alert because of the problem people that have infiltrated the protests.

We had a small board get-together and went over a few things last week. We are working to see what we can do to get the coffee back at the clinic. I asked the board members to put some information on the website so everyone will know we are still here.

They have moved the state convention to the end of July/beginning of August. Hopefully, we will be able to hold it and get the new board elected and make a few administrative changes. You can go to the CSC website to get information on the convention.

The information on the website for our board is correct. The information I put in the newsletter is a little off.

Stay well,


Chapter President

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